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Respiratory Things

I renewed my membership with the NBRC a few weeks back. Not strictly necessary to maintain my CRTT and RRT credentials, but a symbolic gesture. That link to CRTT is a link to “CRT,” which means since I became “certified” they’ve changed the name of the entry level Respiratory Therapy credential. The thing that matters is the RRT which I can put behind my name. That’s the one I’m proud of. Well, that, and the Associate of Science degree I hold.

I also recently renewed my RCP License with the State of California’s RC Board. State licensure is an administrative formality, really. The NBRC is really who decides what a Respiratory Therapist is.

The main thing about all these renewals is that I’m listed as inactive. I could reactivate myself — take come continuing education, make a formal request in writing to the various entities requesting to become active, and BOOM! I could be working as an RT. This may happen. Heaven knows there’s a need for health care workers out there. The nursing shortage is particularly acute, we have all probably read. I have such a large range of options open to me. Some moonlighting in medicine may be good for me — emotionally and spiritually — but also in the pocketbook.


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michelle alexander

September 19, 2007 3:00pm

I will like to get to know you and some of your friends out there, i am currently a respiratory student and i have the zeal and all geared up for life as a RRT. Please get in touch with me.

Hi Michelle —

I’m trying to get my site rhonchi.com to be more active as a site for RTs. Go on over and register for an account. Want to write for us?

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