Follow Your Weird:November 2004

Homeward Bound.

Amazing few months. No blogging.

Some updates:

House-hunting in Moorpark — some good leads!

Thanksgiving: wonderful, great turkey

Movies: The Incredibles, I Heart Huckabees – loved; Bridget Jones – hated it

Classes: quite good, but busy. In C++ I’m one of the last 6 people left. Spanish – doing fine. Technical Writing, really enjoying it.

Weather: cold! too cold!

Activity on San Diego Blog — nearly none. Sad, yes. But it takes a second banana role to everything else.

Leah is taking care of business — her job in LA is set for January 3. We will move soon.

Did some cleanup on this website. I’m looking for work in the LA area – specifically in Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley. Anyone have leads? Check out my Resume and Portfolio.

Did I mention it’s cold?

Give a Holler if you see any terrible errors with the new design.

Take care.


two comments so far...

Site design looks great. I assume you moved up to WP 1.3? I agree – it’s damn cold and I Heart Huckabees was a great flick.

I have not upgraded to 1.3 yet, no. The change in design is centered on the need to use the site to get the attention of employers, not really anything beyond that.

Thanks for the comment Oso!

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