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Lyrics of the Day

I’d like to rest my heavy head tonight
On a bed of California stars
I’d like to lay my weary bones tonight
On a bed of California stars

I’d love to feel
Your hand touching mine
And tell me why
I must keep working on

Yes I’d give my life
To lay my head tonight on a bed
Of California stars

by Wilco Woody Guthrie (thanks Jeff!).

posted this 17 years ago.
What else did he post in February 2006?

(Saturday February 18th 2006 at 5:44pm)

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With luck, I’m becoming less of an overbearing jerk. It’s part of my psychospiritual journey right now.

Be love,


oh good – now you won’t make fun of me when i have serendipitous stories.


I dunno e, I’m learning to appreciate that kind of serendipity as the hand of God. Like, tiny miracles or something. Particularly when there might be some meaning there that’s special, or a possible lesson to learn.

The other day I dropped Leah off at the train station and was feeling a bit sad about it, and flipping through the stations I heard “Message in a Bottle” by the Police with only about 2 minute gap between them. Felt like a message to me, and I accepted it as such.

hey – although the words are by Woody Guthrie, I am not sure if it was ever recorded by him. The whole Woody Guthrie/Billy Bragg/Wilco thang was brought up by Woody’s widow. She found lyrics that didn’t appear to have music attached. So, Billy Bragg & Wilco probably worked on the music for that and other songs.

But, yeah, 2 cool stories.

It’s always strange when what’s on the car stereo matches what’s goin’ on in real life. But then you’d probably say it’s not strange at all. You know how YOU are.


Darn! Good to know Jeff. Man, Woody Guthrie was something else.

When I moved back to CA in 1995, I was crossing the border, and flipped through the stations and found what I thought I would find — The Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

I like your story better though. 🙂

That’s actually Woody Guthrie’s lyrics. But a great, great song, and the very first song I heard when I entered California on my move to San Diego eight years ago.

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