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I mentioned‘s system upgrades the other day, which have now been accomplished and went off — from what I can tell — without a hitch for all the sites I host. Bully for them, and for me!

Before the upgrade happened, I emailed support and got a prompt reply that yes, indeed, there is a way to get notifications of system status beyond their web page of notifications — there’s an RSS Feed.

I subscribed to the feed but found that it contains more information than I really need. I’m hosted on only one machine, so I only need information on that.

So this morning, in just a few minutes, I set up a Yahoo! Pipe to allow me to filter this feed to just my own server. I think it’s pretty wonderful, and it was easy to set up the pipe, which in its edit mode looks like this: System Notices Filter (Yahoo! Pipe)

If you are a user, visit System Notices Filter, enter your server name, and Y!Pipes will provide you with a feed you can subscribe to using your feedreader of choice. There’s also an option to get notified of changes to this feed via email or mobile phone. I subscribed to the feed, and also signed up for notifications to my mobile phone.

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you are a geek. a very, very cute geek.

apropos of nothing… hearing Xtina always reminds me of you… and I just heard her singing “Mother” on “Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur” and it made me WEEP. I have never experienced that with her before. Of course it took a John Lennon-penned song to do that, but hey, i thought i’d confess. It’s amazing how the music he wrote during Nixon’s presidency fit so perfectly with these troubled times. Everyone buy a copy! 😀 You too can weep!


Downloaded the song via skreemr and while I didn’t weep, it is awesome.

Though these days the music that’s compelling me is usually Stew, Tree Wave, New Order, and Kanye West.

Hope you’re well E!

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