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I mentioned‘s system upgrades the other day, which have now been accomplished and went off — from what I can tell — without a hitch for all the sites I host. Bully for them, and for me!

Before the upgrade happened, I emailed support and got a prompt reply that yes, indeed, there is a way to get notifications of system status beyond their web page of notifications — there’s an RSS Feed.

I subscribed to the feed but found that it contains more information than I really need. I’m hosted on only one machine, so I only need information on that.

So this morning, in just a few minutes, I set up a Yahoo! Pipe to allow me to filter this feed to just my own server. I think it’s pretty wonderful, and it was easy to set up the pipe, which in its edit mode looks like this: System Notices Filter (Yahoo! Pipe)

If you are a user, visit System Notices Filter, enter your server name, and Y!Pipes will provide you with a feed you can subscribe to using your feedreader of choice. There’s also an option to get notified of changes to this feed via email or mobile phone. I subscribed to the feed, and also signed up for notifications to my mobile phone.

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Downloaded the song via skreemr and while I didn’t weep, it is awesome.

Though these days the music that’s compelling me is usually Stew, Tree Wave, New Order, and Kanye West.

Hope you’re well E!

apropos of nothing… hearing Xtina always reminds me of you… and I just heard her singing “Mother” on “Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur” and it made me WEEP. I have never experienced that with her before. Of course it took a John Lennon-penned song to do that, but hey, i thought i’d confess. It’s amazing how the music he wrote during Nixon’s presidency fit so perfectly with these troubled times. Everyone buy a copy! 😀 You too can weep!

you are a geek. a very, very cute geek.

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