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Some strangeness afoot. Police apparently came in the house while I was in the tub and looked around looking for some dude (Ryan Reynolds?). They didn’t bug me.

Also, my Windows 2003 and my iTunes and my old 1GB iPod Shuffle are not playing well. Jerks.

iPod Could Not Be Restored


I tried the iPod Reset Utility, I tried the instructions which included making a .BAT file, and I tried the normal process of allowing iTunes to reset the firmware. No dice and Windows would hang — complete freeze, and I was unable to quit iTunes as an application or as a process. UGLY. I also tried going into Hardware Manager, but the iPod would not be read there.

I was able to get it working on my older Mac G4. It’s slower, but with the Mac iPod Reset Utility things worked.

So I’m giving up syncing my podcasts from Windows and moving to the Mac. Really I need to get a new Mac — for work and for things like this, but that’s not in the budget yet, and if I can’t pay cash, I can’t do it.

Meanwhile, in the interwebs, where things are funny and do not require you to look at Windows Event Logs, check out this: Gabe and Max’s How to Get the Dreamlife of Your Dreams Using the Internet Thing

That made me laugh.

Elsewhere, this post by Adrian Belew about Frank Zappa made me cry.

I suggest you watch the funny video before you read the crying-making thing.


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My iPod isn’t playing well with ME. Suddenly, the only thing the click wheel will do is skip songs and scroll. I can’t back up, hit pause or play. Grrrr. I’m too lazy to go to the Genius Bar, though.

@nabbalicious : Have you tried resetting it? (When you mount the iPod in iTunes, there’s a “Settings” tab where you can do this.

Maybe I should seek out a used iPod, might be cheaper. Fixer-upper as it were.

Sorry Joe, I totally forgot to check back in here!

No, I haven’t tried that, mostly out of fear that it would wipe out the contents of my iPod. Would that happen?

In any case, I’m mulling over just sucking it up and getting the 80G since they’re so cheap right now and mine is nearly full.

(Also, I just clicked the notify me button so I don’t miss out if you answer this. Thanks for the tip!)

@nabbalicious : well, yes, that kind of a reset will reset the ipod to factory settings. after which you’ll have to recopy your music/soundfiles from iTunes.

Glad you checked back in!

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