Playing with jQuery

One of my goals in the new year is to create some kind of simple online game in JavaScript. I’m almost at a point where I have free time, which is so awesome.

Also, I’m learning some of the libraries and frameworks for JavaScript — to that end I’m experimenting with some of the frameworks — this weekend it was jQuery — and I managed to rough a simple “the objects run away from your mouse” exercise.

jQuery is really powerful. It also seems to be really heavy as a download, and I’ve not tweaked that, but the syntax is just “pretty” — I was IMing a bud about the syntax and he found it ugly as sin, but I think it’s really beautiful.

So at there’s a simple little exercise. Everything is in the source for the page, only jQuery itself is in a separate file.

Comments, suggestions, ideas about making games in JavaScript, about jQuery, about thinking about game programming are welcome.

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It was kind of fun pushing those boxes around. Make the boxes sheep, the mouse a dog and add some gates and you got yourself a barnyard game.

hmm. obstacles sounds like a good idea. i need to learn how to test for collisions and route around objects.

i like the sheep idea. someone else said mice and a cat. i like both. maybe a button to theme the objects either way. 🙂

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