Sheepies in the Vast Gray Field

Game with jQuery

As you may have seen previously, I’ve been experimenting with building a game with jQuery as the infrastructure over on This is a screenshot. The super-cute illustrations were created by Dug. The concept of a game with sheep was suggested by a few people, including MAS. Ping said cats and mice, but I quite like the sheep.

I’m just building this in stolen moments away from real work or real life, and this is a gas. I added scoring, though I have not been able to set clickability once I’ve clicked it. I created a recursive error by trying to assign $(this).click(null). I need to understand the object model better, and really, re-re-read the documentation, which is actually quite good.. 🙂

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A lot of started in s/w wanting to code games, but then got sidetracked ($$) into creating, retrieving, updating and deleting records in some non-descriptive DB app. Congrats on your game.

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