Back From San Diego

Had a great time, and we’re wiped out. Here are some vaguely representative photos via a fuzzy phone camera.

This is Leah and Me at a very unflattering angle listening to my Uncle Lee sing at a local church service (Lutheran) he sounded great!

Christmas eve 2007

And here’s the same uncle and my aunt singing on Christmas Day:

Christmas day.

And here’s a cousin (Mike) and my Grandma (Jean) and the new in-training puppy (Toby):

Mike, Grandma and new dog Toby

That’s all I have for photos. I also have a drawing I did as the basis of an ornament for some friends of ours who happen to love Linux and the Ocean. I did it in pen, then a brush pen, then embellished in PhotoShop. Leah and colored the final product with crayons. That’s right, we were kicking it like 2nd Grade, baby!

Turtle and Tux

Right now, 9:56pm on Christmas Day in the Year of Our Lord 2007, I want to sleep now.

I bid you peace.

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