On The Money Front

A few observations:

Payments to the IRS seem to be processed very fast. Like faster than any other payment we make.

Our stimulus payment from the IRS was credited to our outstanding balance too (nice!) and they sent us a nice letter to that effect.

Budgets are not as bad as the ten-years-ago me would have thought.

In ten years when I have real wealth I’m really curious about what I might be doing. I suspect I’ll be taking lots of classes and travelling much more. This trip we’re on now is an anomaly. It’s generously being paid for by my Aunt. And next week we’re taking a family vacation that I think is the kind of thing we’ll be able to do more of in the future, and sooner than ten years.

Following my bank accounts daily is rather like looking at the power level in a fighting game. You want to see how much reserves you have so you can keep punching.

The other morning I found two alien transactions in our joint account. Not me, not Leah. And if that happens, it’s fraud. I know MAS will chide me for banking with them, but WaMu took good care of me, credited me for the fraud, and put it all in motion to get it resolved.

In two years we’ve retired about $35k in debt. Still about $68k to go. I feel like we can keep this pace. We need to get smarter about taxes though. Otherwise that’s going to be a bite every time, all the time. We are working on it.

Chill time in lovely Maui has not caused my brain to atrophy. If anything it gives me time to think about things more deeply.

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You are fine as long as you have less than $100K in the account and don’t mind the chance of being inconvenienced should WaMu go under.

Shouldn’t you be snorkeling? 🙂

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