Larry King: Carvelle Story, Moppo Story

Back in 2002 I ripped some audiotapes I had of two stories told by Larry King. I said:

…some Larry King stories I had taped from his old Mutual radio show back in 1986 — The famed “Carvelle Story” and “Moppo Story” — very funny stuff

I had been reluctant to post them out of fears about bandwidth and copyright rules, but since my efforts over the years to contact Larry King and ask permission have proved fruitless, and since I will gladly take them down if asked nicely by the real copyright owner, I decided to go ahead.

And so, originally recorded by me back in 1986 from the radio, from Larry King‘s old Mutual Radio Network radio show, are not just two but three stories: The Moppo Story, the Carvelle Story, and a story about a lady caller: My favorite is probably the Carvelle story because it brings to mind my own adventures driving long distances for a not-particularly good reason back when I was a teenager.

The Carvelle Story

The Moppo Story

Lady Caller Story

I hope you enjoy these stories. I used to love listening to Larry King’s radio show and these days wish I had recorded more of it. I remember listening to musicians, politicians, artists. I’m pretty sure the first time I heard Frank Zappa it was on Larry King. Fun fact, you can hear a bit of his show at the very beginning of the Albert Brooks film Lost In America.

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I too was a great fan of Larry’s Mutual radio program. Lost lots of sleep listening to him and his interesting guests. Also, I enjoyed stories of his early days and have been looking for them to listen and enjoy again. Thanks for making them available.

I, too, heard FZ on the King radio show. I called in and spoke to Frank on two different occasions.

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