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(this week: was sick, and my dad was sick, and leah was sick, and our van got worked on, and it snowed like crazy, and my laptop pretty much died without good backups, and i fixed the laptop and got a backup system in place, and i shoveled snow, and my dad got better, and i downloaded the 30 day trial of illustrator, and i made this batman semi-chibi)

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I like it. You got skillz.

Have you played with any of the free alternatives to Illustrator?

Thanks MAS.

Yeah, I’ve played with Inkscape a bit. Tiring, mostly.

Am highly impressed by how well I remember the keyboard commands. It comes very naturally to me.

I’m stunned that the first version I owned (5.5) was about 15 years ago. I’m bummed it costs $600. My old versions (5.5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 if I remember right) are far too old to have upgrade paths.

Another one I found is called Creative DOCS.Net. Not sure about it. It may just be for Windows.

Definitely Windows only. Any idea if it runs on top of Mono?

I thought Mono was a kissing disease. 🙂

You’re thinking of Visual Studio. 😉

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