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Filtering a Podcast Feed with Yahoo Pipes

I like podcasts quite a bit, and one of my favorites for many many years (at least since 2004) has been IT Conversations.

If I loved all their stuff, all I have to do it load up iTunes and subscribe. If I’m old school I can get the RSS feed link and do Advanced -> Subscribe To Podcast... inside iTunes.

If, however, I don’t like all of it, if there’s one particular host whose voice has consistently annoyed me, I might have to customize the feed so I never ever have to listen to that host ever. So I fire up Yahoo! Pipes and create this recipe. The recipe is very simple, it takes the existing feed, then runs it through a Filter that blocks any items that include the terms that annoy me.

And after that, I need not listen to cloying interviewers who talk over their guests and think they are funnier than they are.

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