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Oh, it’s Getter Poseidon!

In 1982 I drew this:

Robot Fighter, 1982

I’ve been thinking a lot about the various Jumbo Machinder I was exposed to in the Philippines. And one, with a stout body and a jetpack keeps coming back to my mind. I believe when I was 9 years old I had a vinyl toy. It’s bothered me that I never saw it again, and anytime I’d look at sites with a lot of giant robots on them I never saw him.

I always thought this robot from this was an original creation of mine. As it turns out, it’s not, really. as a matter of a fact, it appears to be a pretty close rendering of Getter Poseidon, who looks like this:

Robots with that basic format, with a head shaped like a “rolo” candy, a stocky torso, a jetpack, and tubular arms and joints is something I used to doodle a lot.

And now I know it’s Getter Poseidon. This is more interesting to me than it is to you. Ha.

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