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Rotsy, Byzantine Hair, and Life Drawing

20 minute pose @drsketchysd

I’m drawing again. Regularly. I went to Dr. Sketchy’s this past weekend and it was a blast. Life drawing is stressful to me, but it was a great exercise to let go of judgment and just try to draw. They did 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, and 20 minute poses. I feel cozy with 10 minutes to think and draw. During short poses I have no idea where to start. Start with a detail? Start with an overall pose? My life-drawing skills were never really great, with a few exceptions, but they’ve gone pretty fallow.

Brush practice: the woman with the Byzantine hair.

I like blue pencil, inked over top best.

But what I love and gives me the best joy lately is just taking sheets of cardstock, basically blank index cards, and drawing. Sometimes at work, on papers I take notes on. Anywhere, really. Trying to keep a notebook too.

Tonight's @artlung toon I named "Rotsy"

I forgot to draw for years. It helps me think and gives me joy. Even if I’m a mediocre draughtsman, it still gives me joy.

Time for a little Batman doodle.

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Thanks Tom — very kind of you to say. I’m digging doing more drawing so far. Here’s to keeping enthusiasms alive in the face of life’s relentless parade of trials!

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