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Am I still a Respiratory Therapist?

I am not licensed in California. That expired 10 years ago. My CV is way out of date.

BreEZe - State of California_2014-03-05_15-38-07

I kept paying for the license until 2004 even though I last practiced in 1997.

I received Certificate Number 1555 for Respiratory Care Practitioner in Virginia in November 1993, but those expired long ago. In 1998 Virginia went to a license model and I was long gone out of there by then.

Still, according to the body that is responsible for the major accreditation of Respiratory Therapists, the NBRC, my CRTT and RRT credentials are still valid and valid indefinitely. Perhaps I should do my continuing education. You know, in case computer programming goes away as a profession.

NBRC_All Directory_2014-03-05_15-41-43

I’m still RRT #46428 from way back in December 1992. Man that test was nerve-wracking.

two comments so far...

Computers may still prove to be just a fad, or in the alternative the damn things will learn to program themselves, but I think lungs have stood the test of time.

On the other hand, I really hate continuing ed requirements.

I’m not really being much help, am I? Sorry.

Lungs really have stood the test of time. I have to look and see what I can do there, it might be fun! I still enjoy reading (a little) news of the field.

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