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Scripps August 26

Kelly and I went to La Jolla Shores yesterday. We ended up at Scripps. Weirdly: despite San Diego Municipal Code 63.20.7 there were TWO large trucks on the beach: one delivery, one tow. There were a dozen pelicans floating near the pier,they avoided the waves by flying a bit then went right back to hanging out in the surf. There were large open tents on the beach, for some Luau event. Was that why there was a live band playing 70s rock and soul in the restaurant above? Kelly said she saw some fellow in trunks and a rashguard get hauled away in handcuffs. I already knew lifeguards in San Diego have the power to arrest. I also know that it’s illegal to jump into the Pacific from a height of over 5 feet. Nobody was doing that, but fish were active along the shore: a few guitarfish, and plenty other small fish: wrasse, perch, sardines and others I don’t know the names of! Fish activity likely accounts for the pelican gathering and for a sea lion close to shore who made a short appearance. There were also terrific sand castles made by a fellow. I complimented him on his fine work. We left before the wrecker was removed from the beach, but saw it clear off on the Surfline camera a few hours later. A bad day for that poor driver.

Waveriding: medicore. Entertainment value: high!

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