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Scam Text Chat with +1 (501) 999-3309

The inquiry I got directly to my mobile phone from +1 (501) 999-3309:

Hello, how are you doing right now?
I’m Callie Southerland, Recruitment Officer from Nettemps
We now offer a part-time/full-time job in web optimization that can be done from home
The daily salary is up to 200 dollars, and it can be completed in 10-30 minutes a day.
Do you want to know more?

I declined text and asked that we switch to email. They replied with:

Our work is very simple, can you give me a chance to share it briefly? Maybe you will be interested in this job after learning about it, and then decide whether this job is suitable for you

I again asked that they switch to email, and got another reply:

The main responsibility of this job is to help hotels gain higher rankings and traffic in Google Play and Apple Store through ASO optimization, helping them generate more revenue. It can be completed in about 60 minutes a day, and the working hours and location are flexible ( (can be arranged freely), you will get a commission of 100-200 US dollars/hour immediately after completing the work.
The base salary is US$3,800 per month, working 5 days per week.
If you pass the interview, you can get 30-80 US dollars immediately.
If you are interested in this job, the employer will interview you via WhatsApp. Is this phone number (805) 857-3951 your WhatsApp account?

Helpfully, NetTemps has on their website this warning as a popup:

Be Alert :- Potential scam risk
Please be aware that if you receive any messages directly to your mobile stating they are from NetTemps regarding a job opportunity – this is a scam and is not legitimate.

NetTemps or any of its employees will never contact a job seeker directly without their prior consent and never directly using a mobile text or WhatsApp messaging.

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I got the same msg. What is the SCAM part – Do they try to get your PII data during orientation? Or make you pay for all the bloodwork testing and background checks?

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