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Today marks 23 Years Blogging

I started blogging 23 years ago today, with this post.

What’s different from then to now?

My mother is no longer alive.

I’m not married, I’m divorced. Twice since then. Much happier.
I’m more likely to admit to being a artist than I was then.
I am not ashamed to collect toy robots.
I swim more.
More gray hair.
I still love working on neat stuff.
I love learning new stuff.
Happier overall.

What’s the same?

I live in San Diego.
I have great friends.
I have great family.
I’m probably a lot luckier than I understand.
Life is good.

Before posting this, according to my about page: “This blog has 8,754 posts, 2,503 comments, 6,092 embedded images, and 3,361 outbound links.”

Thank you for visiting and for reading, however you got here!

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