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Morse High School Dedication, 1963

From The San Diego Union, Saturday, May 11, 1963:

600 At Dedication Of Morse School
Six-hundred spectators last night witnessed the dedication and open house of the city’s new Samuel F.B. Morse High School, 6905 Skyline Drive.

Lelia Morse, granddaughter of the inventor of the Morse code and the telegraph came here from Hollywood and told of a Morse College recently being dedicated at Yale University.

“600 At Dedication Of Morse School,” San Diego Union, May 17, 1963. (San Diego Union)

Mrs. Marion Jessop, Board of Education member who presented the school to the community added:

“We are confident that with the cooperation of the staff of this school, parents, church and the community, this school will produce citizens with the same talents and attributes equal to those of the great artist, inventor and patriot for whom the school is named.”

Mrs. Ray J. Mortier, Parent-Teacher Association president, and the student body president. Robert Lushbaugh, accepted the school for community and students.


Miss Morse gave the school a three-pictured panel depicting Morse as artist, inventor and patriot. Students John Kling, Phyllis Silva, Linda Miller and Robert Breedlove eulogized Morse. Dr. George V. Hall, an associate superintendent of schools, introduced guest.

The 1,200-student $2.37 million school was opened in September for students in grades 9 through 11. Next fall, it will admit students only in grades 10 through 12.

Morse High has 52 classrooms, a gymnasium, an athletic field, a 1,500-seat cafetorium. It is designed to accommodate 2,700 students.

The SDUT posted this story as a throwback in May 2023.

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