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10 more things you can do on your personal website

James‘ List of 100 things you can do on your personal website is super-duper terrific. He asked for more things! I’ve been website-doing for 28 years. I ideas!

  1. Create a unique header image or banner for your website.
  2. And plan on making another banner in the future, if you save the headers by date you can see what you were making in the past.
  3. In March, make a M.O.D.O.K. and submit it to March MODOK Madness. Post it to your site too!
  4. Learn something new on MDN about HTML, or CSS, or JavaScript, or another site about drawing or painting or making images or pottery or video, and post the thing or what you learned.
  5. Share a list of charities that mean a lot to you
  6. Learn something new about an ancestor from old newspapers, write about it
  7. If you use a website tool that allows it, write something to yourself that will be published a week or more into the future
  8. And when it publishes, write about what happened between then and now
  9. Put up a photo of something that evokes a memory, write about that memory
  10. Share a list of books (or videos, or tools) that helped you get good at what you love to do

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