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  • Renaming

    I have this concept of a post where in an Andy Rooney-esqe manner I complain about things that get renamed. But really I’m not complaining so much as I think of things with their original name. Some examples of this are: The Del Mar Fair has been renamed “The San Diego Fair” and calling it…

  • Sickish. Misckish.

    Still feverish. Nasal congestion ahoy! Cough productive now. I would rather <i>move</i> than be sick right now. That’s pretty bad. Some miscellaneous items for you: Hindsight is 20/20: quotes about Iraq from before we started: Voices: The Quotes That Sent Us To War. My favorite: “Having defeated and then occupied Iraq, democratizing the country should…

  • Video Killed The Radio Star

    Something I missed not being in San Diego. Excellent, inspiring, beautiful cover of the one-hit-wonder. The date on the YouTube video is 2006. The band “The Wrong Trousers” is active on their myspace: via Waxy, where many good things come from

  • Where There’s a Misc There’s a Way

    The language in this is not safe for work, but the sentiments are important: How to Irritate and Annoy People in the Name of Blogging A lot of people I know or know of are blogging about the fires in San Diego: Sassy, JeSais, MAS, MissEwon, Chuck, and Geoff. Also, people I haven’t met: Raph…

  • Smokey Sky above Moorpark

    Fires to the northwest, northeast, to the southeast. We get smoke, everything smells of smoke. No school closings tomorrow, says Moorpark Unified School District. It all reminds me of the fires in San Diego back in 2003.

  • Sad to see it leave the San Diego landscape

    There is no group called softweargirlz. SWGz participated in Happy Hour 9 prominently. WebGrrls San Diego has been closed for a while. Techniquelle is still around though. Times change, I suppose.

  • Hey San Diego!

    Recycling Your Christmas Tree San Diego!

  • For Today

    San Diego Web Design Meetup today! My folks got in safe last night, yay! I got rid of many boxes last night — gave them to a friend and his wife who are moving! So fun! Tuesday night, Racquetball class was good. It put me low – I was achey and creaky and fell directly…

  • Downtown San Diego

    I often walk around, semi-randomly downtown. I traipse and amble and mosey. Sometimes I take pictures. Here’s one. You can see the building I work in in this one. I like working downtown. It looks like I may be working there a bit more permanently. I’m pleased with that, and I’m generally happy in my…

  • Radio, Radio.

    So yeah, I was on the radio again – for a full hour on Tom Fudge’s show These Days on local NPR affiliate KPBS. Also on the hot seat talking about web design and web sites was Pam Dixon. It all went quite well. But I must now do some real work. More later.