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Some Mac Stuff 2002 May 07

RealPlayer for MacOS X did not ship in April, as previously noted. Real is late. This makes me unhappy because I’m an NPR junkie.

In other news, I picked up a new AC Adaptor from CryWolf Consulting yesterday for my Clamshell iBook SE. The old one was worn out, and when there’s no juice, computers don’t run. CryWolf seemed like a nice joint, and I may use them again.

Meanwhile, on my ancient Mac running OS 8.6, I can’t run Mozilla 1.0 PR1 because it requires OS9, which won’t install on my SonnetTech-upgraded 8500.

I’m also smarting because my newsreader, MT-Newswatcher is not yEnc-savvy in the non-OSX version.

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