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New Pages: Links & Merch & About

Links as in “link in bio” — mostly this is for Instagram but also applies to Mastodon.

Merch is my store and it includes Riso prints and stickers and links to Redbubble where I have many more items that can be bought on demand.

About was recently updated and might be worth a read if you’re confused.

Quote of the Day: Mark Cunningham on Bodysurfing

“I love the freedom of bodysurfing where it’s just me and a pair of fins. I don’t have to hang onto a boogie board or stand up on a surfboard. I love being surrounded and embraced by the water as opposed to sort of standing on top of it. I find the embrace of the ocean very relaxing and soothing and nurturing for me.”

Mark Cunningham Talks Bodysurfing Point Panic | PBS HAWAIʻI

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Little fun sesh

Repost from @packratrecords from when I bought my @gogo_surfmat

Last year I bought a surf mat and shared a photo of my grandma riding a mat with Pack Rat Records!:

This is Jen Jean Crawford Grandma of joe Croford Crawford AKA @artlung . He came in today to score a new @gogo_surfmat to share with his dad .. we got to talking about mats and he told me he use ride the old delta yellow and blue mat when he was a kid in Pacific Beach and he shared this photo of his grandmother catching a wave in 1970s in Pacific Beach how cool is that thanks Joe hope you and your dad enjoy the mat 🤙🤙🤙 #mattsurfing

Originally posted here on April 22, 2023 by Pack Rat Records

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Here at Dawn for the CREEPING OF THE MATS put on by @lowerpowered @surfnskatehoarder @packrattrecords ! Already people out there! #matsurfing if you’re here grab one of the free mat surfing California bear stickers I brought!

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“How many of you that sit and judge me / Ever walked the streets of Bakersfield?”California’s Central Valley has agricultural of course, but did you know the Bakersfield Sound—a country music sub-genre—came from here too? California is the best.

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We have made the trek to Bakersfield to see the Evil Dead musical. Groovy!

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I like how much my frozen gait looks like Bigfoot footage at the swimming area of OB. On Sunday here at 7am will be the CREEPING OF THE MATS from @packrattrecords / @lowerpowered — I’ll be bringing some of my surf mat California bear flag stickers to give away. They’re glittery!

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sunsets are sooner and better in the water

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