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A Little Bit Of Rain

Some random lyrics:

He was a Cosby fan at heart it’s clear;
He searched and found a Cosby hair!
He spent ten long years and built a cloning machine;
And now he’s accomplished his wonderful dream:
To make a House of Cosbys…
It’s a House of Cosbys.

The theme song is nice even without the show, which honestly could be a bit hard to take, and not safe for work.

It looked like it rained a little overnight. Not much though. Maybe our stupid, stupid ants will leave us alone if there’s water outside. They’re in our bathroom upstairs now. Why? No obvious attractants other than we’ve made the kitchen less hospitable. Those ants are jerks. It reminds me a bit of when we were fighting mice at our house in San Diego.

That was no fun, jack.

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the ants will never decide to go away. They will keep coming and coming and coming.

Go to the home depot, get Ortho Home Defense MAX. Don’t waste your time with grants stakes, traps, gels, or baits. Act quickly.

Ortho Home Defense MAX is now on our shortlist of solutions. Thanks Sassy. The Grant’s Stakes and RAID seem to have done something. They’re not upstairs yesterday afternoon or night or this morning. A few in the kitchen. We’d use a nuclear weapon if we could. We hate ’em.

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