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Gamification in the wild: Wells Fargo “Badge” earned

I’ve been very interested in gamification since I saw Jesse Schell’s “Visions of the Gamepocalypse” back in 2010 (See Jesse Schell: Beyond Facebook, and later when I got a lot of interest from Asian foursquare users in a bid to acquire “Mile High” badges (See: Mile High).

So here we are more than a year later, and gamification is as close as my local Wells Fargo ATM, it says “You’ve earned a new badge: Express Depositor”:

Wells Fargo Gamification

I didn’t click the “Learn More” button, but I’m fascinated by the way these things work. I enjoy playing with and getting location information from Foursquare, and I really like participating in StackOverflow (and related sites). I’m not sure what these badges will mean to me at my bank.

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Definitely a sign of overexposure. I couldn’t find any more information about it online. I’m curious if they will be tied to actual benefits or if it’s just “badges.”

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