Bruce Sterling ArtLung Timeline 2003 Nov 07

1988: I attend a reading by William Gibson for Mona Lisa Overdrive. He recommends Bruce Sterling’s Islands In The Net as the work of a guy who “actually thinks about this stuff”
[scene missing]…
1996: I mention with a laundry list
1998: I put him on my links page
1999: Viridian Couture Contest
1999: Heat Kills Contest
2000: Disaster Glyph
2001: Greeny Megawatt Contest
2001: Enron Logo Redesign Contest
2001: I notice Bruce Sterling starts blogging
2003: Bruce Stops Infinite Matrix Blog
2003: Bruce Starts Wired Blog

That was fun and pointless!

Oh, I did have a fresh link. Viridian Note 00389 – where Bruce answers the nagging blog community which whines about RSS and design and everything else. Basically, he’s replying in the manner of the classic Shatner SNL-ism: GET A LIFE!

Go Bruce Go!

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