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Married, moved, and getting it together.

Happy Halloween Rerun!

This is the time of year when traffic spikes with my post featuring my killer Halloween Pumpkin Designs from a billion years ago. Enjoy y’all!

Halloween Pumpkin Designs, 1987

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Working the Wound: by stew (lyrics)

Everyday I build a mask
Up to the task
But now there’s no real me

Call me a collage
Of spare parts found in Berlin’s garage
But there’s no real me

I cut clippings from my dreams
And move them around till they look like me
But there’s no real me

My paste-on eyes can see right through
All of you
But you don’t see me

Josephine entertained
They’d laughed and swooned
All she had was her pain
Carefully tuned

Boy was she was without shame
So elegantly marooned
The mask was just her band-aid
She worked the wound

I finally found a home
Between the clicks of a metronome
Now there’s no real me

I went out on a limb
But the tree disappeared and the sky grew dim
Now there’s no real me

My pain entertains
I see you applaud
Thanking God you’re sane
Now woe is me

I’m cursed to entertain
You laugh and swoon
All I have is my pain
Sharp and in tune
And should I feel ashamed since I’m still here marooned
No one else can be blamed
For me working the wound
I’m still working the wound
I’m still working the wound
I’m still working the wound

(stew’s blogpassing strange: now playing at the berkeley repertory theatre)

stew sez 2.0

wie geht’s y’all:

stew sez, originally started back in 2003 for stew to vent some writing, has been given a facelift and new interface — it’s a blog.

i’m proud to have been able to set this up for stew, and am looking forward to reading more and eventually seeing “passing strange” too.

check it out at http://joecrawford.com/stewsez/

– joe


Religious practice fascinates me lately:

Tefillin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tefillin Hebrew: תפלין, also called phylacteries, are either of two boxes containing Biblical verses and black, leather straps attached to them which are used in rabbinic Jewish prayer. They are an essential part of morning prayer services, and are worn on a daily basis except the Sabbath and festivals by many Jews. In this article the term “to lay tefillin” will be used throughout but it is still correct to use “wear”.

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