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Time to put Christmas away.

New Bot Day! Welcome Tracerbot! Made by @mukikim_toys it can follow a thick marker line and was a terrific Christmas gift from @hellokellykuhl! It’s for ages 5 and up so I qualify. Gwen is suspicious though. Happy New Year!

An excellent Christmas Day together with K in the morning and with family in the afternoon, capped with a short beach session.

Merry Christmas & Peace on Earth & Cease Fires Now

Whoever put a Christmas tree on the berm at Mission Beach: I salute you! Merry Christmas!

Christmastime in PB. Featuring chalk “love” by @artbyautumn and surf footage from @surfline

Not great conditions. Got a right on the surf cam. Saw the Christmas tree. Lastly: saw a group of hippies playing guitar as their rooster on a leash cock-a-doodled. OB never disappoints.

I don’t remember making this card for my father (highlighting his snowboarding and identification with the 101st Airborne Division, which he served with in Vietnam as a combat medic). I suspect it was a Christmas/Holiday card. It’s really not bad.

New Bot Day! GC-09 Metal Robo 55 DynaRobo is a chogokin die-cast metal toy from 1983. This lovely and very special piece was a Christmas gift from Kelly. You will note I have a backlog on bots since moving in December. More bots ahoy!

Kelly and I can’t quite understand how and why the 1972 Sonny & Cher Christmas Special has William Conrad as the featured guest. Merry Christmas to us all and our atemporal world!