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95% closeouts; still fun to play in

2017: Kelly and me saw John Mulaney at the Orpheum and explored Los Angeles. It was awesome.

6 shots from OB this afternoon. Sublime day.

Virtual Light by William Gibson read by Peter Weller

One of my favorite books and favorite audio books was the reading of an abridged Virtual Light by Peter Weller. I empathized with both Chevette Washington and Berry Rydell as young people trying to figure their lives out. And that future world was so vivid. From the 1990s a world with connected computers and multiuser hacker groups one could connect with regularly and powerful forces controlling a world made perfect sense.

The future we live in now, with so much poverty and wealth and creativity does feel very much like that world I first read about in 1993. I bought the book on the day of release. And when the audio book came out I bought it.

I have on my TODO list to get a copy of this audio book. But it is not straightforward to find. It’s out of print. I suspect that the world no longer wants–or the publishing world no longer wants to create–abridged books.

Here’s the information I have:

Virtual Light by William Gibson, Read by Peter Weller
Science Fiction
3 hours.

Random House Audio
CS ISBN 0553472755 $16.99
Two cassettes

2 audio cassettes (46:29, 46:04, 45:37, 45:19) approx. 183 minutes ¶
Penguin audiobooks, 1994
ISBN 0-14-086-062-2
Read by Peter Weller
Abridged by Nick Warburton
Produced by Karen Pearlman

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Kelly and I saw @buzzcampbellandtheheartaches at @bellyuptavern at it was terrific! Killer steel guitar sound!

(at the Belly Up)

Not great conditions. Got a right on the surf cam. Saw the Christmas tree. Lastly: saw a group of hippies playing guitar as their rooster on a leash cock-a-doodled. OB never disappoints.

Eddie Nuñez

I miss Ed sometimes.

He’s laid to rest at Glen Abbey Memorial Park & Cemetery and I keep meaning to get down there again.

I took a photo of it back in 2014 and forgot I did. But here it is in the blog. I was oblique about it, and didn’t include his name. I regret that, but I’m glad I took it to begin with.

And I had also forgotten that I wrote about it in 2005: Eddie & Comic-Con.

The world is a mess and things are hard for so many and I am so grateful to have Kelly in my life and we can steal away to Coronado for an afternoon along with Gwen.

Session where I see a surfing dog is a good session. #surfingdog #sandiego #obvibes

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