Fussy.org To WordPress

The inestimable, very funny Eden Kennedy was also stuck with Blogger. So she and her over 1200 posts and 15000 comments (!) were stuck on Blogger without FTP. I’m proud to announce that in the main, things are moved over and working anew. I’ve done the redirects for old archives, though there are some custom Blogger magic (she had 2 other blogs that we’ve placed into WordPress with categories and will be separating out.

But she can blog, and it’s fast (I can’t imagine what it was like to use Blogger to publish via FTP something like a template change with that volume of posts and comments!), and she likes her new theme, and new tools. I’m pleased as punch to have turned this around pretty quick and look forward to further improvements and tweaks. She chose a new theme and she took very fast to customizing it with her various (incredible!) writing and online projects. Did you know that in addition to working on redoing her site she also delivered the manuscript for a book?

And yes, fussy.org was a large part of my monster Blogger to WordPress post.

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